Computerized 4-Wheel Alignment

Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment

Precision Adjustment Improves
Steering, Suspension, Safety, and Tire Life

At Sheeder’s Auto Works, our computerized 4-wheel alignment system for four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles applies precision adjustments to optimize performance. Our system is used to square your car’s wheels and axles to ensure that they are working together, center the steering wheel, and adjust suspension angles such as thrust, toe, camber, and caster to place tires in the optimal position. This significantly increases tire life, as well as steering response, suspension system operation, and safety.

Why Is My Car Out of Alignment?

Unfortunately, there are no warning systems to alert you that your car is out of alignment. It is important to have your vehicle’s alignment inspected on a regular basis, and corrected as necessary. Many things can affect the alignment of your car, including the normal wear and tear of socket joints, rubber components, etc. If you have hit a large pothole, curb, parking stall, or been in an accident, the chances are high that your alignment is out.

Consequences of Vehicle Misalignment

If you continue to operate a vehicle that is misaligned, you may notice performance issues while driving. Other consequences will not be evident for some time. Some of the problems that result from poor alignment may include:

  • Pulling to One Side
  • Wheel Fails to Return to Center
  • Heavy Steering
  • Light Steering
  • Difficulty Driving Straight
  • Tire Wear
  • Improper Vehicle Height
  • Poor Overall Handling

Let Sheeder’s Auto Works help you have a smoother ride, increase fuel economy, and save you money on tires. Contact us to schedule an alignment at: (814) 448-3455.