Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing in Todd, PA

Protect and Enhance the Appearance of Your Car or Light Truck

Sheeder’s Auto Works in Todd, PA provides professional-grade auto detailing for cars, SUVs, and light trucks. For over 18 years, we have helped protect and enhance the appearance of our customers’ vehicles. Interior and exterior detailing is available.

Safeguard Against Wear and Tear

A clean vehicle is much more pleasant to drive, looks great, and helps safeguard components against wear and tear. We wash the exterior and deep clean your cabin’s interior to remove most soil and stains. A variety of high-quality cleaners, odor removal products, polishes, and other agents are applied to restore original finishes and help keep your car or truck looking excellent.

Car Wash, Wax, Headlight Refinishing, and Detailing Options

Let us wash and wax the exterior, clean the inside and outside of your windows, vacuum interior surfaces, and clean your mirrors and trim to keep your car looking its best. We also offer headlight refinishing. Ask about all available detailing options. If your car requires body work, our auto body specialists can take care of any dents, dings, and other defects.

Regular Detailing Helps Protect Your Vehicle

We recommend regular detailing for all of our customers. It is important to protect the surfaces of your vehicle from damage, particularly if a spill has occurred or it has been some time since your last detailing. Most customers choose to detail their vehicles every three months. If detailing is neglected, more intense attention is required. 

Your vehicle’s appearance says a lot about you. Let us help you give the best possible impression. Call Sheeder’s Auto Works to schedule your detailing appointment: (814) 448-3455.