Tune Ups

Affordable Tune Ups at Sheeder’s Auto Works

Identify Problems, Increase Performance, and Extend Vehicle Life

It is important to regularly perform preventive maintenance on your vehicle to identify small problems before they escalate, increase performance and efficiency, and extend its life. At Sheeder’s we offer routine tune-ups to help protect your investment. We will work with you to determine which areas you would like us to focus on. We do partial and comprehensive tune-ups.

What is Involved in a Routine Tune Up?

Most routine tune-ups typically include inspection (and replacement if necessary) of:

Air Filter: Increase gas mileage and allow adequate air flow to engine

Fluids: Including antifreeze, brake, transmission, and power steering fluids

Oil & Oil Filter: Keep you engine’s interior components well lubricated for maximum life

Battery: Check remaining life, remove battery acid accumulation, and replace if necessary

Belts & Hoses: Examination for cracks and splits, as well as the clamps holding them in place to help avoid an unexpected failure

Windshield Wipers: Inspection; top off of wiper fluid

Wheel Bearings & Alignment: Undercarriage, bearings, and axles examined; wheels aligned

Tire Balance & Rotation: Help avoid uneven wear for a smoother ride; tire replacement if necessary

Lights: Tested and replaced (if necessary) for safety

Bring Your Stored Car Back to Life!

Many additional services are available and we can discuss these with you. Your tune-up will vary based on the type, age, and condition of your vehicle. If your car has been in storage, let us help you bring it back to life!

When Should I have a Tune Up?

For most passenger vehicles, a tune-up should be completed every 30,000 miles (approximately every two years). Regular tune-ups are affordable and help prevent the types of issues that can lead to major engine problems, serious malfunctions that can take weeks to repair and cost thousands of dollars. A tune-up is a smart investment. Consider it insurance against extremely high repair bills in the future.