Computerized Engine Diagnostics

Check Engine Light Warning Sensor On?

If you have noticed that your “Check Engine” or other dashboard warning sensors have been coming on, bring your car in to Sheeder’s Auto Works as soon as possible. When this type of alert is active, our professional technicians will retrieve information to determine why the system’s sensor is malfunctioning.

Computerized Engine Diagnostics at Sheeder’s Auto Works

All data from the diagnostic system will be analyzed to locate the exact originating cause of the warning. Our computerized engine diagnostic equipment enables us to quickly and accurately determine where the issue is coming from so that it can be corrected accurately the first time.

Sheeder’s Auto Works diagnostic and repair services include:

  • Control Module Replacement
  • Ignition System Diagnostics
  • Oil Light Diagnosis
  • Engine Code Check
  • Electronic Component Replacement
  • Computer System Repairs
  • Diagnosis of No Start
  • Overheating Troubleshooting

The Best Possible Auto Service at a Fair Price

As your honest local service center, Sheeder’s Auto Works is dedicated to providing the best possible service at a fair price. We communicate with you. You can rely on us to let you know what the problem is, as well as a complete breakdown of the costs necessary to fix the problem. Whenever you notice the first sign of trouble with your vehicle, contact Sheeder’s right away. We will promptly repair the problem. Call to schedule an appointment: (814) 448-3455.